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Left: The largest Buddha image at Schewedagon. Left: An Indian-style pagoda covered with images; the complex also includes a Chinese-style temple, too.

Left: The northern quadrant of the complex; at the right one can see the flat areas were worshippers burn candles. Right: the North staircase.

Left two: The view from inside the red-painted entrance to the the North staircase, a fine place from which to view the main pagoda, especially through the palm trees. Middle right: A pagoda under repair covered with bamboo scaffolding. Right: Immediately to the left of the North entrance is this popular small altar to an ogress — a figure, usually evil, who here is benign because she protects Buddha and his altars.

Left two: The mirror-glass-encrusted dragons ornament the shaft from which a bell is suspended. The column in the center is similarly decorated, but here colored glass was used too. Right: Looking toward the direction from which I first entered the compound on both visits.

Left: Another good shot of the pagoda base, which departs from the normal pentagonal shape. Middle: yet another beautiful spire. Right: The bell that couples often strike when they're married.


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