[The following list comes from Hilary Beck’s 1973 exhibition catalogue. Mousing over the names of artists will reveal links that will take you to their homepages. ••• = clicking on the title of the work will take you to the engraving. — George P. Landow]

Thomas Gooch Appleton (1854-1924)

Thomas Lewis Atkinson (b. 1817)

John (Joel) Balin (1822-1885)

Thomas Oldham Barlow (1824-1889)

Auguste Thomas Marie Blanchaard (1819-1898)

Émile Boilvin (1845-1899)

Henry Scott Bridgwater )b. 1864)

John Charles Bromley (1795-1839)

James John Chant (c. 1820-after 1876)

Henry Cousins (1809-1864)

William Turner Davy (1818-c.1890)

Herbert Dicksee

James Dobie (b. 1849)

George Thomas Doo (1800-1886)

Francis Engleheart (1775-1849)

Leopold Joseph Flameng (1831-1911)

Richard Golding (1785-1866)

Francis Holl (1815-1884)

F. Hollyer

Thomas Landseer (1795-1880)

Leopold Lowenstam (1842-1898)

Peter Lightfoot (1805-1885)

Charles George Lewis (1808-1880)

Alfred Lucas (fl. c. 1847-c. 1879)

Alfred Martin (1814-1872)

John Douglas Miller (fl. c.1872-c.1905)

Charles Motram (1806-1876)

Charles Oliver Murray (1842-1923)

James Posselwhite (1798-1884)

Samuel William Reynolds (1794-1822)

Henry Thomas Ryall (1811-1867)

Charles William Sharpe (fl. second half of the nineteenth-century)

William Henry Simmons (1811-1882)

James Henry Watt (1899-1867)

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Artists who created engravings of their own paintings or produced engravings


Beck, Hilary. Victorian Engravings. London: Victoria & Albert Museum, 1973.

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