First Exercise for English 73, Victorian Literature

  1. Follow the link from the Victorian Web Overview to "Religion" and then to the "Religion Overview." Look around until you find links, follow them, and write down the titles of what you find.
  2. Return to "Victorian OV" and then go from there to "Victorianism." What materials available from this overview might help explain some aspect of Carroll?
  3. Return to "Victorian OV" and then go from there to "Literature" and then "Victorian authors." Choose Carroll.
  4. Follow a link to the overview for Alice books or to that for Carroll. Report what links have thus far been created from the overview to materials on the social and political context of his work.
  5. Return to the "Victorian OV" and search until you locate some material about Victorian England that provides a context for the novel -- something on class, women's lives, or public health, for example. Choosing a paragraph or two from Carroll that is not already on-line, (a) quote the text of the passage chosen identifying page from which it came, (b) explain the relation of that passage to any of materials you've found in the web. Create your mini-essay in Word, following previously developed conventions for including title and authorship; please include your name, graduating class, and course number.
  6. Explore the web and look at the materials about any work of fiction read later in the course. Which one do you think might prove most interesting or useful to compare or relate to Alice books's novel?

Syllabus for English 73

Last modified: January 2003