Although no authorship is indicated on the title page, the section "Getting Up a Pantomime" is practically identical in both text and illustrations to an article of the same title by William S. Gilbert that was published in London Society in January 1868: see The author of the section "Scenes in Court," in its tenth paragraph, relates that he was asked "whether I were not Mr. Jones." He begins the eleventh paragraph stating: "I readily acknowledged that ancient name to be mine." So there were at least two authors, and one of them was none other than the William S. Gilbert (1836-1911) who in 1871 began collaborating with Arthur S. Sullivan in producing musical comedies.

Further research may determine that other sections, perhaps the others containing "Bab" illustrations, were also written by Gilbert.

In both the London Society article and the London Characters version of "Getting Up a Pantomime" only 2 of the 8 illustrations were actually signed "Bab". Since it is probable that all of them were drawn by Gilbert, it is likely that more than just the 21 signed "Bab" in London Characters were drawn by Gilbert.

Last modified 24 November 2012