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Changed in a trice you find me,
    Man, my master of yore!
Vainly you seek to bind me,
    For I'm your Slave no more.
Fast as you fly behind me,
    I now fly on before!


Out from my prison breaking,
    Wherein so long I lay,
Into my lungs I'm taking
    Draughts of the glad new Day —
Out! where the world is waking!
    Presto! up and away!


Praise to the Luck which sent me
    This magical Wheel I ride,
For now I know God meant me
    To match Man, side by side!
Wings the good Lord hath lent me,
    And oh, the world is wide!


Scornful of all disaster,
    On to the goal I flee!
My wheel grows faster and faster,
    My soul more strong and free!
Pedal your best, good Master,
    If you'd keep pace with me!


Bees may hum in the clover,
    Sheep in the fold may cry,
My long siesta is over, —
    Onward at last I fly —
He who would be my lover
    Must now be swift as I!


All that I missed he misses
    Who lags behind distressed, —
Sweet were the old-time blisses
    But Freedom and Life are best —
Still, there's a time for kisses,
    When now and then we rest!


And now I heed not a feather
    The chains I used to feel —
Soon in the golden weather,
    Edenward back we'll steal!
Adam and Eve together!
    Throned on the Double Wheel!

(From Through the Great City)

Last modified 27 September 2002