The 1912-18 "Centenary" thirty-volume edition published by Waverley, London, was intended to mark the centenary of Charles Dickens's birth. Each volume contained a small frontispiece derived from Fred Barnard's Scenes and Characters from Dickens (1888), coloured by William Aitken. The principal illustrator, however, was Charles Pears, whose titles included many works of children's literature as well as non-fiction works associated with sailing and seascapes.

Prospectus for the Waverley Edition:

These NEW ILLUSTRATIONS to the Waverley Dickens (which is issued in delightful form at the popular price of Half-a-Crown a volume) are really unique. When we remember that the masterpiece of Cervantes had to wait two hundred years before its real delineator appeared, and that Dickens was known to be quite unsatisfied with each of his famous Illustrators' work, we can understand the interest aroused by the fact that one of the favourite artists of Mr. Punch's staff — that is to say one of the most famous humorous artists of to day — here shows us his artistic ideas of the well-known characters — the best known characters in all English fiction. And the famous Barnard plates form a part of this distinctive edition — the ill-fated artist did not live to finish his gallery — one that would surely have satisfied the master himself as pathetic and humorous pictures of the children of his pen. The Waverley Dickens has 120 full-page Character Sketches by Mr. Charles Pears (of "Punch ") and the famous Barnard Plates, exquisitely Coloured by Wm. Aikman, F. I. D. Send for it now —

THE WAVERLEY BOOK CO., LTD., 7, 8, and 9, Old Bailey, London, E.C.

Please send me your Free Book on "The Waverley Dickens," with full information as to this unique edition. With popular price and terms of payment. It is understood that I am under no obligation to order the edition. [Charles Dickens. A Bookman Extra Number, 1914.]

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